Reference Guide To Dating Johnson Brothers China Patterns

Since 1883, Johnson Brothers has been creating patterns making their pieces highly collectible as a result. In order to find out the date when a Johnson Brothers china pattern was created, it has become necessary to establish reference guide for Johnson Brothers china.

The beginning of the Johnson Brothers started in a pottery factory in Hanley, England during 1883. It was founded by the Johnson brothers namely Alfred and Frederick. Their business grew fast as they were hailed as one of the world’s largest pottery factories during 20th century.

Johnson Brothers China Patterns Can Be Rare

In the year 1970, it was a great time for Johnson Brothers for obtaining the Royal Charter and becoming the official provider of China including dinner sets for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. More than 1,400 Johnson Brothers China patterns have been made all throughout the Johnson Brothers’ history.

Using the Johnson Brothers China Pattern Reference Guide, identify the pattern of your dinnerware sets. The guide is arranged into separate chapters based on the pattern or shape. Say for instance, the three major Johnson Brothers plate shapes are coupe, scalloped and smooth-rim. If you see your plate having scalloped (shell-shaped) edges, proceed to the chapter marked Scalloped Rim.

You can identify your Johnson Brothers China pattern by the many illustrations of designs. The reference guide includes data such as the name of the pattern, pattern number and production date or history in the relevant section.

If you are unfortunate and cannot find it in the reference guide, you may use the Internet to help you find and date your piece. There are some pieces that are extremely rare, experts cannot even locate and detail all pieces being manufactured by every factory. The site www.replacements.com is a good site to find unidentified pattern.

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